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NYN Inc is focused on serving the people in our community by creating a platform for local talent.

We are the first African-American non-profit record label here in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our mission is to provide a platform centered around the arts focusing on each individual's artistry and talent.

Through mentoring, developing and producing, we seek to enhance the overall potential for each artist, ensuring exposure locally as well as on the global stage.


We are committed to creating positive relationships with all people in our community and developing connections within the entertainment industry. 

Our aim is to serve the community, creating a strong foundation, through education and motivation. We are inspired to always produce quality service and material for local people.

Though the business is African-American owned and focuses on uplifting the community and the individuals within it, NYN Inc is a diverse group of individuals interested and open to various sounds, styles, and genres of music and artistry.

Our vision is to become a well respected, nationally recognized non-profit record label, cultivating new artists for generations to come.

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